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dark mode on instagram


This is how to use "Dark Mode on Instagram", which can make the background such as the Instagram timeline black. Finally, the Instagram also has "Dark Mode" . When you switch to dark mode, the background is black and the text color is white, making it pretty cool and easy to see. As the name ... Read More
February 27, 2020Vanessa Maragte


Can i use direct message function on PC?? With the development of IT technologies such as smartphones and personal computers, SNS is now a communication tool used by many people. This has led to some movements to use SNS as part of corporate marketing activities. Among them, instagram, an SNS that can ... Read More
February 21, 2020Vanessa Maragte
link add to instagram story


Many people want to know "How to add URL to Instagram Story" The Instagram story has a function to put a URL link! This is a useful function to know how to use when introducing web pages. If you put the URL in the story, you can have them jump to ... Read More
February 20, 2020Vanessa Maragte
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Posts that will be noticed to the other party when taking a screenshot with Instagram? Did you ever hear on Instagram that if you take a screen shot, your opponent will be bald? In this article, I answer questions such as "Is the person notified when I take a stake on Instagram?" Do ... Read More
February 17, 2020Vanessa Maragte


Recently, a growing number of users have posted stylish YouTube videos on Instagram. Isn't there a lot of people who want to post not only photos but also videos and YouTube videos to their Instagram? Many people use Instagram, but don't know how to post YouTube videos. This time, I will introduce a technique for posting YouTube ... Read More
February 15, 2020Vanessa Maragte


An essential element when posting on Instagram is the "#" hashtag. Adding a hashtag in the caption will encourage people other than your followers to find your post, so I'd like to use it proactively. Did you know that the hashtag has a limit on the number of posts? Currently, the number of ... Read More
February 11, 2020Vanessa Maragte
youtube featured


What preparations are needed to become a YouTuber? How to become a popular YouTuber from Newbie Learn how to get started with YouTube, including how to become a YouTuber for monetization! What you need to become a YouTuber YouTube, a video distribution service used worldwide. The person who distributes on YouTube is called ... Read More
February 10, 2020Vanessa Maragte
Post gif on facebook


Awww you really want to know, How to post GIF Animation on Facebook?  He saying goes, "A single photo GIF is worth a thousand words." As you may know today, Facebook users are finally able to express themselves with GIFs (applause, wait a minute ...). Twitter and Pinterest have long supported GIFs, but Facebook hasn't ... Read More
February 7, 2020Vanessa Maragte
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Use Instagram Stories like this! Eight selections of use cases by companies and summary of use points. A new function, Instagram Stories, has been implemented on Instagram, which is becoming more and more used by companies. "Disappearing SNS (aka ephemeral SNS)" is popular among young people . How can a corporate SNS account take advantage of ... Read More
February 5, 2020Vanessa Maragte